Welcome to Rose Hip Hill Guesthouse
Just a short diversion from the main road, but still far enough so you will not see or hear what is going on in the world at large. A green house on the green hillside, blending in with nature, but still designed and furnished to be most comfortable. Not too large and not too small to spend, together with your closest, dearest relatives or friends, a pleasant weekend or celebrate an important event. In the winter, by the fire-place, in the summer, on the sunlit terrace, you can spend quiet, intimate, peaceful, undisturbed moments. If the wind is raging outside, you can snuggle down in the sauna, if it’s the heat of the city that chased you here, you can dangle your feet in the cool spring water. The forest and the creek invite you for a nice walk, but if the lavender scent dazes you, just rest, since work and constant bustle and rushing around you can find anywhere. Calm and peace, blessings and goodwill like here, in very few places you will find.