Welcome to our home, Rose Hip Hill farm!
When the smoke and the noise in the city become just too much, one does not wish simply to escape to the countryside, but to a place where the neighboring houses are at a respectable distance, passers-by don’t peep through your window, and cars don’t spray your house with dust and mud. Where you have less worries letting your children go out and play on your own playground, which is nature itself.
Such places are hard to come by nowadays, it’s quite a miracle if you find one.
Not too long ago, automobiles were quite a sighting around here, the impracticable road, full of potholes, preserving the place from becoming overcrowded. Still, we sometimes chose this road, though broken and twisting, in order to admire the magnificent views and to have a look far down into the valley. And when our children started to have their own eye for beauty, they involuntarily shouted out: let’s move here! Well, we moved here… of course not with this childlike simplicity. We had to eradicate heavy shrubbery, cut pathways, plant trees and flowers, putting in much effort and seeing many losses. But the star-spangled sky, the fog, the clouds, the wind, the storm, the blooming cherry trees, the babbling brook, the fresh goat milk, the fruits hanging at arm’s length, and the autumn, the beautiful autumn, the glittering snow, the hoarfrost in the forest, the deer rambling on the opposite hill, and the happiness of our children, above all, prove that we are in the right place.
It’s not the easy, worry-free life what we enjoy, but the freedom, nature, the work, the toil, and the rose together with its thorn, because there is no rose without a thorn.
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