It all started with a little white house on a hillside. Though it could hardly be spotted among rose hip and blackberry bushes and many other shrubs, the place where we landed, not by accident but by providence, still charmed us with its wild looks and the deep aroma of thyme, on a wonderful spring day late in May.
The shrubbery was soon replaced by blueberry, currant, raspberry and lavender bushes, the wild strawberry could continue to spread in the clean pasture and the thyme radiates a marvellous aroma every time you step on it. In all the cleaning work, our goats proved to be of inestimable help, though caused much nuisance also, but the tasty milk and the fresh cheeses compensate for all their tricks.
We love our animals so much that we even eat them, making tasty sausages and ham out of them. We don’t play the hypocrite by eating only what is store-bought, because we know, it may come from an animal that was never truly considered to be an animal. Our animals roam free, until the time of each comes.
Squirrels, deer, rabbits, wild pigs, and sadly, even some foxes venture quite close to our farm, and the daffodils come back every spring. Though most of the cherry trees are wild, their fruit is so sweet and they are such a gorgeous sight in spring, that we kept them, too. And of course, the rose hip, the natural inhabitant of this spot, it owns the entire ridge and wants to occupy it, too, but we would be happy if it would only decorate our fence.

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