Slow Food

When you strive hard to produce your own food, it’s only then that you realize: that goose liver may well be worth the price of the whole goose. Because in order to enjoy a bite of goose liver, you first have to kill it, clean the feathers, remove many parts, and we haven’t even mentioned growing it!
And it is like this with everything: you must wait for the fruit to ripen. The garden will not produce a single bunch of fresh onions on its own. And even the ordinary tea weeds need to be picked first, dried in a cool, draughty place, then stored properly.
The jams, cheeses and sausages – these require even some luck, for all the appropriate conditions to be met: weather, temperature, humidity, and sometimes even your mood needs to be right.
But still, it is all worth it, because it is priceless! A tasty kid stew, with noodles made of home-laid eggs, a fresh tomato salad, home-made butter and jam, home-made sausage and goats’ cheese, fresh onions and roast bacon, and always what is fresh, coming from the garden, or what we succeeded to store well, that’s what we serve at the table.
But the greatest value and benefit of every dish is that we serve together, with the whole family, those delicious foods for which we worked so hard together. No rush and no haste, work will wait! The terrace is beckoning, the quiet is majestic, the company of our beloved is dear.
If you would like to choose a familial setting and delicious home-made food to enjoy together with your family, or in the company of your best friends, in a gorgeous spot in nature, we welcome you! If you would like to organize an event, celebrate or simply to enjoy a tasty, unhurried, calm dinner, contact us!
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