After a hard day’s work, rest is well-deserved! An active rest, of course. One, that not only the children enjoy. The double zip-line, different climbing contraptions, the tree-house, swings and the slide, which is most enjoyable when wet, deliver a rush even for adults, making them forget how many years have passed since their childhood.
But nature itself calls you to play, too. Some find a stick to be a sure sport, others a few fascinating feathers, some select stones, a cup of clay, a morsel of moist mud, while others spring in the stream.
Then there are the pets, the cats, the dogs, the rabbits, the hens, and, funniest of all, the kids. The birth of the kids in spring is as thrilling as life itself. Again and again we realize how fragile life is, depending on so many things, but mostly on Someone: the giver of life.
On other occasions, work can be play, too, if more hands do it at the same time, like kneading the dough. Others will swear that milking goats is therapeutic.
In winter, the increasingly infrequent and uncustomary great whiteness calls you out of the warm room to have some recreation and refreshment.
But those who come to escape the bustle of the week and only want some quiet, may choose the forest paths. We have studies, nowadays, to prove what we instinctively knew before, that the proximity of trees can regenerate, refresh, reinvigorate.

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